I have come to the completion (more or less) of my annual year-end reflection, a lengthy examen in the Ignatian style of meditation and prayer. I believe I have a fairly good understanding of what the Lord has accomplished in me the past year in my spiritual growth and my self-awareness. I have had multiple discussions with friends and those I trust as my spiritual directors to give me insight into these reflections and to affirm the direction of my discernment.

Part of the understanding has been a result of the work embarked upon following last year’s reflection. I discerned that God was inviting me to participate in a deeper level of practicing his presence through the gift of being present to others and in all circumstances. This exercise helped me in ways to become more sensitive to my own emotions, needs, gifts, and shortcomings. Through these sensitivities, I was made more aware of the things I am able to do well, the things I am not able to do well, and the things I do that really bring me life and contribute to my own flourishing.

All of this is far more complex than I am capable of articulating at this time. Still, what I am sensing is a continued invitation and responding desire to always live a life that is present—that is constantly aware of God’s presence with me and within me, also always aware of God’s work and presence in the other, as well as in creation all around us. This is Kairos.

Moving into this New Year, my attention is directed with new clarity, heightened focus, and refreshed purpose. Not one of these postures acts exclusively, rather each is united into a three-corded cable of intention and mission.

I sense a new day. I have not determined what that new day is just yet, but I believe this refreshed posture of intention and mission will reveal the day in God’s proper time. Clarity, Focus, & Purpose… this is Kairos.

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