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Yes! Pray for Patience!

My preaching assignment this past week was to share teaching on the text from Galatians 5:22-25, famously known as the Fruit of the Spirit. My particular focus was on the “Fruit” of patience. Let me say again: I. LOVE. TO. PREACH & TEACH.  LOve It…absolutely LOVE IT!


So this weekend I shared my heart and God’s Word with my church family. I have included the audio of that sermon and teaching below. As always, I’d love to interact with your thoughts in the comments section or email me direct. God Bless!

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

Sunday: Teach-Preach-Truth

We started a new teaching series to push us through the summer. The series is titled “The 10 Most Important Things.” Last week was the introduction to the series and this week I had the privilege of the “first…most important thing.” The title of my sermon was There Can Be Only One — My text was from Exodus 20:3 and the audio file follows along with the sermon manuscript, bullet outline, and small group discussion questions. I would love to hear feedback.

Private Disciplines…

Private Disciplines: The Greatest One of All

I shared the following message today in our worship services. I have attached the audio file as well as the sermon manuscript. If you have a slower connection, you may want to download the files to your computer. To download, right click on the file and choose save as (or whatever the appropriate option may be for your computer). If you’d like to stream the file or view the notes directly from your internet connection, left click on the linked file. The audio file is 10.5MB in size and will probably take a moment (or few) to download depending on the speed of your connection. The manuscript is an adobe .pdf file and should open in your browser window.

I’d love to hear any commentary you have. Please feel free to discuss here or email me direct.



Sermon: “Every Knee Shall Bow”

WholeHeartI shared the final installment of our Bethlehem Bound Series today. My text was from Matthew 2:1-2. God has been stoking and stirring the fires of my heart in recent days with meditations from Romans and the Gospel of John. My take on this chapter of the Nativity Story was a little different than what might ordinarily be taught, but I feel it is what the Spirit was teaching me, so…

As is usually the case, my direction and delivery of this teaching was slightly different in each of the services, so I have included both recorderd services (from the 8:30 and 11:00 gatherings) as well as my sermon manuscript.

Sermon Manuscript: Every Knee Shall Bow

Every Knee Shall Bow 08:30

Every Knee Shall Bow 11:00

No Room for the King

┬áThis was part three of a teaching series “Bethelehem Bound” preached Dec. 14th at my home church. The setup (below) comes from a video clip of the Nativity Story. The audio file and sermon notes can be found below the video clip.

Set Up:

Nativity Movie [clip scene] Mary goes into labor and Joseph begins to frantically search for a place for her to have the baby Jesus. Each door he knocks on doesn’t answer…with increasing urgency he rushes from house to house; finally, a well-dressed man appears on the edge of the scene. An animal shelter (barn) pans into the scene as you hear the well-dressed man speak; “it’s all I can do…” Joseph heads toward the “barn” with Mary. End scene.

Click here if you’d like to download the sermon notes in .pdf format

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