Spiritual Direction

“Spiritual direction is a relationship initiated by a spiritual seeker who finds a mature person of faith willing to pray and respond with wisdom and understanding to his or her questions about how to live spiritually in a world of ambiguity and distraction.”

The purpose of spiritual direction observed by Thomas Merton, “is to penetrate beneath the surface of a man’s (or woman’s) life, to get behind the façade of conventional gestures and attitudes which he presents to the world, and to bring out his inner spiritual freedom, his inmost truth, which is what we call the likeness of Christ in his soul. This is entirely a supernatural thing.”

Every human being who has embraced the redemptive, reconciliatory, and restorative work of the Lord Jesus Christ is called by Him to become transformed (re-imaged) into His likeness (John 12:26, Romans 8:29, Eph. 4:13, 1 John 2:6). A spiritual director partners with the person seeking to mature in this transformational process and works alongside them in their journey toward Christ-like maturity and holiness.

In a spiritual direction relationship, we will meet regularly (typically every four weeks) for approximately an hour or so.  Although spiritual direction is best if conducted face-to-face, we can facilitate our meetings via telephone, email, and video conferencing (Skype ®) when necessary. When meeting in person, I prefer to meet in a mutually agreed upon location as free of distractions as possible.

Spiritual direction is a primary part of my vocational calling; as such, I do charge for direction. My fees are quite reasonable and are negotiable where necessary. Most importantly, the cost of direction should not be a factor in whether you decide to enter into this type of relationship.

Qualifications and Style of Direction:

I am an Ordained Minister of the Free Methodist Church of North America

Certified Spiritual Director: Studied at the School for Spiritual Direction in Pecos, NM at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery

I have received training and have studied extensively (and continue to study and train)  in the ways of Spiritual Formation in a number of major Christian traditions:

  • Benedictine Spirituality
  • Carmelite Spirituality
  • Ignatian Spirituality
  • Spirituality in the Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition
  • Spirituality in the Pentecostal-Charismatic Tradition
  • Spiritual Direction in the Roman Catholic Tradition
  • Spiritual Direction in the Social Justice Tradition
  • Spiritual Direction in the Episcopal Tradition
  • Generalized Pastoral Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Counseling

Attended Bible College at the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College

Ministerial Credentialing through Ministerial and Educational Guidance of the Free Methodist Church

My Style:

  • I will pray for you always and strive to hear what the Spirit of God is speaking to you and through you for your life
  • I will not judge you, nor will I tell you what to do. Our relationship is a “three-way” partnership between you, me, and the Holy Spirit. We will try to discern what God is speaking and how He is directing the steps in our lives. You will ultimately be in charge of how you proceed.
  • Our conversations will be held in the strictest confidence. You are free to share what we discuss, but you can trust that our conversations will never venture outside the circle of “you, me, and God.”
  • I listen a lot and ask quite a few questions to help me understand and hear where God is leading and what He is doing in your life. I expect feedback, but I will never pressure you for information. If you want to talk or not talk, that is your prerogative and I will always respect your choice. Remember, I will never judge you.
  • Occasionally, I may ask you if I can take a few notes. If you are uncomfortable with this, it is okay to decline.
  • I am authentic and I try to live as transparently as I am capable. If you have questions for me, I will do my best to answer them as candidly and honestly as possible where those questions and answers do not infringe upon someone else’s privacy.
  • I believe that God wants you to be wholly restored to the person He originally conceived you to be. I believe through the indwelling Spirit of God and the empowerment of Jesus Christ, this restoration is completely available to us and entirely possible to achieve on this side of eternity. I will always cheer you on and I will never give up on you.
  • I do not believe in duality of life. I believe that all of life is sacred and there is nothing profane or secular. I believe that God is always present and through the cultivation and maturity of our own spirituality we are capable of walking in unbroken relationship with Him. The daily life is where God is most actively and most powerfully at work.

I am very comfortable with all streams of Christian spirituality and consider myself highly ecumenical. As much as I might be able to partner with you and be a helper and coach, I believe there is much I can learn from you. I am a life-long learner and continue to expand and broaden my knowledge as opportunity provides.

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If you are interested in exploring a spiritual direction relationship with me, feel free to contact me direct for additional information and/or setting up an appointment to talk more.

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