Hi, I’m Jeff Borden (Check out my digital business card here)

iCrucified is the life lived for Jesus and dead to the desires and ambitions of self. For many years I tried to live a double life, professing my “belief” and allegiance to Jesus while living my life according to my own self-perceived best interests. Fortunately, by God’s marvelous immeasurable grace, He saw fit to reveal life-saving and life-giving truth to me. The truth, while not new, was hidden from me until I was truly willing to wholly submit all of my life to Jesus. Now I know what it is to live in peace and victory through the eternal and immortal life of Jesus. In the face of whatever this physical world may bring…there is always victorious joy in Christ.

I am an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church of North America. My family is in good standing and have the blessing of our leadership in support of our calling to new ministry (references available upon request).Feel free to contact me direct at your convenience with any questions or requests for additional information.

The journal entries on this blog will help to define my thoughts about living the “crucified” life in more detail. I hope you’ll  join the conversation from time to time. My blog is a work in process (as am I) and it is my hope that we might enjoy the journey together.

Highlights of our Ministry Calling:

  • Strong development and support for spiritual formation following the paths of classical Christianity (paleo-orthodox traditions).
  • Missional-Ecumenical partnerships fostered in advancing the Kingdom of God
  • Ancient-Future worship practices
  • Holistic reconciliation and restoration practiced in local communities through developing partnerships with local and civic organizations
  • Incarnational living affects every facet of life


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