Book Review: Wisdom of the Sadhu

Book Review: Wisdom of the Sadhu

Author: Compiled/Edited by Kim Comer

Publisher: Plough Publishing House ISBN: 9780874869989

Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh

I was first introduced to Sadhu Sundar Singh through the Devotional Classics (Richard Foster) around ten years ago. Reviewing my notes and highlights in my copy of Devotional Classics reminds me of how impacted and awed I was by the deep wisdom of Sundar Singh.

“Sadhu Sundar Singh’s dramatic encounter with the living Christ, his refusal to clothe his faith with western trappings, and his absolute devotion to the way of Jesus make for compelling reading. I highly recommend this book.” (Richard Foster—from the back cover)

I’m a big fan of devotional writing, so I’m left with a big question mark to the reason I’ve never added other works from the Sadhu to my personal library. Regardless, that omission will no longer be the source of questions for me as I’ve added this latest compilation, Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh to my library. Not only has this volume inspired me since coming into my possession, but it has encouraged me to purchase more works produced by this profoundly spiritual and incredibly wise man.

Wisdom of the Sadhu is a beautiful and delightful collection of sayings, parables, interviews, articles, and teachings from Sundar Singh. These collections are organized into themes and edited by Kim Comer. I feel Comer has done an excellent job with the collection and editing process; as I’ve said already, this is a remarkable book and it will give the reader a fabulous introduction to the breadth and depth of the Sadhu’s teaching.

So many people are impressed by human ingenuity and our ability to tap the power of lightning, wind, light, and all the other myriad forces of nature. Yet, to overcome the passions and seductions of this world and to gain mastery over oneself is truly a much greater achievement. By leading a life of prayer, we receive from God the gift to dwell in the spiritual realm even while we remain in the material world. If we live in prayer, no force of evil or temptation can overcome us; we remain in safe communion with God without any fear. If we abandon the gift of prayer, we become like well-trained animals and no longer recognize our own imperfection, our relationship with God, or our responsibility for our neighbors. -Sundar Singh; oneness with God, pg. 100

As much as I enjoyed this book, I do have a small nit to pick. While there is a source listing at the end of the book, I prefer a more extensive citation and bibliography section. Perhaps this source list is enough, I haven’t researched it yet. Aside from this tiny peeve, I feel this is an excellent book and will enjoy dipping into the Wisdom of Sundar Singh again and again.

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