Book Review: The Vinedresser’s Notebook

Book Review: The Vinedresser’s Notebook

Author: Judith Sutera

Publisher: Abingdon Press ISBN: 9781426773839

The Vinedresser’s Notebook: Spiritual Lessons in Pruning, Waiting, Harvesting & Abundance

Spiritual wisdom can come from almost anywhere if one takes the time to look closely and listen deeply and this little book is a prime example of the timeless advice to slow down, look closely, and listen with purpose.

“Good growth takes attention, dedication, and time. (p. 46)

Using the example and metaphor of the vineyard and vinedresser (one that is used in the Christian Bible quite often), Judith Sutera, with illustrations by Paul Soupiset, help their reader to see the work of God in spiritual lessons found in the nursing and care of vines and grapes. This is not a difficult book to read and the terms used are not hard to understand. Each devotional thought is only a couple pages long (not counting the illustrations), and a single topic reading will only take a matter of minutes. The beauty of this simplicity is the depth of reflection and personal application that comes from the insight gleaned from the vinedresser’s care and feeding of his vineyard.

“Truly balanced people know that whatever happens to them in the external world cannot ultimately destroy what has come to fruition on the inside. Only their skin comes between them and the eternal truth and beauty of being. Those who encounter them can see in, and what they have can shine out.” (pg. 90)

Wisdom doesn’t always have to be hard-earned. Sometimes it can be received as the gift it is. The Vinedresser’s Notebook is one of those gifts. I think this would be a great devotional read for a great many people. Thanks to Abingdon Press for the opportunity to review this title and thanks to Judith Sutera for sharing the insights of the Vinedresser.

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