Book Review: Jewish Spirituality

Book Review: Jewish Spirituality

Author: Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

 ISBN: 9781580231503

Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians

This little book brought immeasurable delight to me. I am fascinated by spirituality and mysticism; this is especially true as it relates to Christianity. I’m constantly on the lookout for books and other resources that I might learn from to glean deeper understanding about the mysteries of the consciousness and the divine. Since Christianity finds its roots in the Jewish faith, I was excited about reading this book from Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians. It would be an understatement to say I was not disappointed. This is a remarkably winsome book to be so packed with wisdom and spiritual depth… I dearly love when truth and wisdom is packaged in bite-sized nuggets that you can chew on for days…weeks…years, and still continue to plumb deeper and deeper layers of fruit.

There are seventeen chapters not including an introduction, afterword, and suggested resources section. The chapters are collected in sections that relate to Creation, Torah, Commandment, and Holy One. The average length of a chapter is around three pages, and herein lays the beauty of this tiny tome. The chapters are very short and very simple, but for those willing to linger in the simplicity of these stories, they will be rewarded with the wisdom of sages and an understanding of Creator God they may not have previously known. This, of course, affects every facet of life and fuels the consciousness on to deeper awareness and integration with life everywhere. God is. And so are we.

I am grateful for this book as it has sparked an interest in the ancient writings and interpretations of Holy Scripture from the Rabbis of old. I will be looking for additional resources for my study and likely purchasing some translations of Midrash. Fortunately, in the back of this book there are a number of suggested publications for me to start with. I look forward to the journey.

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