A View of God…


Lent.38—A View of God…

Reading: Conversations; “A Journey into Joy” by Trevor Hudson, Spring|Summer 2014 issue.

Our picture of God is critical in a number of respects. First of all, it profoundly affects the way we relate to God. If we have a vague, fuzzy, impersonal picture of God then our relationship with God usually turns out to be vague, fuzzy, and impersonal. Or if we picture God to be against us or always out to get us, it will be highly unlikely that we will want to get too intimate. Or if we feel that we have to earn God’s love, then we will spend our lives huffing and puffing trying to put ourselves into God’s good books. How we understand God influences powerfully the nature of our relationship with God.

But there is another reason why our picture of God is so important. Our picture of God rubs off on us. We become like the God we worship. If we believe that God is violent, we will tend toward aggression. If we understand God to be against certain people, we will be opposed to them as well. If we see God as overly serious, we will most probably come across as heavy ourselves. It would seem that we shape our picture of God, and then that picture shapes us. –Trevor Hudson; A Journey into Joy, Conversations 12.1 (p.21)

It has been my understanding that this experience Trevor Hudson speaks of is but one malady that typifies the journey of many Christians. Another side of this story is the person who considers their picture of God final. People may get a glimpse of God…real—through the reading of Scriptures and/or general or special revelation—and this completes their search for God. They believe they have “seen” him and understand him… they know him. Their search is complete. As Trevor mentions in the above quote, the rest of their journey is shaped by a single vision and/or glimpse of God.

This is an unfortunate course, mainly because the knowledge of God and all that is God is incomprehensible and near unsearchable (Eph. 3:8). The consequence of the finalized vision and search is that person shuts themselves down from the transforming power of the always-revealing-God and becomes shaped by a god of their own making. Arrogance, Apathy, and (spiritual) Atrophy become the triplet shapers and mentors to this individual.

This is not true for the person who continues to seek God and is granted more understanding, wisdom, and knowledge; “Pay attention to how you listen and hear…” (Luke 8:18).

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