Book Review: Small Surrenders

Book Review: Small Surrenders

Author: Emilie Griffin

Publisher: Paraclete Press ISBN: 9781557256423

Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey

I have involved myself with several devotional materials during this season of Lent and ranking at the top of my list as “most enjoyed” is this work by Emilie Griffin, Small Surrenders. I have enjoyed many writings and books by Emilie over the years and was equally inspired by this Lenten devotional piece. Griffin sets the tone for the overall reflection of this devotion in the first paragraph of the introduction page; she writes:

Lent is a time when we deepen our faith in a journey not of grand gestures but of small surrenders. (p.vii)

The journey begins, as one might expect, with a reflection on Ash Wednesday and continues through Easter Sunday. Griffin interacts with the writings of spiritual masters, both ancient and contemporary, as well as all points in between to help illuminate her reflections. The content is deep, but the material and presentation thereof is not too difficult to grasp regardless of who the reader might be.

The format is straightforward, simply following the successive weeks of Lent. Each writing is a brief 3-5 pages in length and takes almost no time to read. The substance of the writing, on the other hand, can be something that is meditated on throughout the day…or longer. I found my heart and my intellect stirred repeatedly as I navigated my Lent with Emilie Griffin’s Small Surrenders.

It is hard for me to point to a “favorite” section of the book; as I said, I have enjoyed it from start to finish, but I did mark several pages with quotes that follow:

On Silence and Solitude: “Christians believe the voice of God permeates the universe and can be heard if only we slow down and tune into the place where silence reigns. (p.49)

On Willingness to Surrender: “God leads us in the way of salvation if we are willing to listen for the instructions God gives.” (p.63)

On Attentiveness to God: “One of the principal disciplines of the spiritual life is attentiveness: being alert to the simple, often subtle ways that God’s grace enters our lives. Often, we have to set aside our anxious preoccupations in order to see that our days are filled with mercies.” (p.79)

On Reconciliation: “The reconciliation we look for in Lent is not only with God but with others. The Gospel says clearly that, if we want t relationship with God, we should make peace with each other.” (p.140)

As I have pointed out, I am a fan of Emilie Griffin and have several of her books in my personal library. There is a reason for this; she writes with a gentle and tender spirit, drawing from a deep well of spiritual wisdom. Her words are seasoned with humility and genuine concern for others—this attitude shines forth in everything I have read.

Personally, if I have any recommendation about reading this beautiful little devotional book, it would be not to wait until Lent. It is worth reading anytime…again and again. I know I will be dipping into its goodness again.

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