Book Review: Return To Our Senses

Book Review: Return To Our Senses

Author: Christine Sine

Publisher: Mustard Seed Associates

ISBN: 9780615709352

Return To Our Senses: Re-imagining How We Pray

There is a lot of creative word play in the title of this book, but you might not get that until you actually read it. I’ll provide you a couple of clues… “senses” and “re-imagining” may point you in the right direction. In Return to Our Senses: re-imagining how we pray, Christine Sine has reminded us that prayer is so much more than a single dimension of our Christian experience. Prayer is, and should be, something that encapsulates and emanates from all that we are as human beings relating with the God who has created us.

Christine has produced a remarkable little book that has the potential to completely revolutionize a person’s relationship and communion with God through prayer. Each chapter provides a new vignette to gaze upon and explore the expanding interaction between us and our God through intentional exercises that assist us with keeping our focus and attention on the presence of God.

Christine writes in her introduction; “Prayer is not about finding the right words to say to God, it is about becoming alive to the loving presence of God in each and every moment. It is about waking up to the fact that the love of God shines through every act, every object and every conversation” (p. 4). This is the purpose of this book, to help us to refocus our attention and rethink the ways in which we approach God through our interaction with Him in the persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We are so easily waylaid by the needs of the world and our desire to find solutions. We definitely need to come back to Jesus for a new understanding of prayer.

God wants to reawaken our imaginations to the many ways our prayer life can be enriched and our intimacy with the Holy One deepened, as we connect the ordinary everyday experiences of our lives to our spiritual journey.  -Christine Sine

The book is divided into fourteen chapters with each chapter providing several opportunities to re-imagine how we pray. While I enjoyed the whole book greatly and was challenged with almost every chapter, I was particularly drawn to several. This might be that I already practice some of these exercises suggested by Christine, but in a few cases it was because of an interesting twist or idea that she introduced. I already know that I will be returning quite often to this little book about re-imagining my prayer life and I would be willing to say most people who read it would agree the same would be true for them. Personally, I’m excited about sharing these ideas with others in my circle of influence. I can’t recommend this guide to prayer highly enough.

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