Book Review: From Death to Life

Book Review: From Death to Life

Author: Susan Wynn

Publisher: Creation House ISBN: 9781616388287

From Death to Life: A True Story of Healing, Hope and Being Set Free

I recently completed a book I was privileged to read that was authored by a dear friend of mine, Susan Wynn. From Death to Life is a true story, it is Sue’s story, and it is inspiring from beginning to end; mostly because I do know Sue and I have personally witnessed the manifestation of Healing, Hope, and Being Set Free in her life. Susan, and her husband, Jeff, are the real deal. Both of these beautiful people have had life-changing experiences with the Creator-Savior-God who is Jesus, and the testimony of their lives, individually and jointly, reveal real evidence of their ongoing relationship with Him.

Sue’s writing style is very fast and to the point. I was reminded of the Gospel of Mark as I was reading it. She wastes no time in getting her story moving and then maintaining a blistering pace all the way through to the last chapter. The rapid pace of her story and the relatively short length of it (under 100-pages) allowed me to start and finish the story in a single sitting.

This story is about a journey from death to life in every sense of the words. Sue was diagnosed with a debilitating disease (multiple sclerosis) of which she was completely healed… and MS, as we know it, has no cure. The miraculous nature of her cure and her experience as she journeyed through it also brought her from spiritual death to new and eternal life through Jesus Christ her Healer. This is the beauty of Sue’s story and the source of all its inspiration. Sue includes medical documentation lending veracity to her healing and encourages readers with a plethora of Scripture “prescriptions” that were “life-giving” to her during her journey.

I think this little book will be a blessing to many people with its Big Story. I’m thankful for the gift of knowing Sue and I’m grateful she has taken the time to share this wonderful testimony of God’s grace by writing it in her book.

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