Book Review: Experiencing the Trinity

Book Review: Experiencing the Trinity

By: Darrell W. Johnson Publisher: Regent Publishing ISBN: 9781573832168

This was a delightful little book. I enjoyed the spirit it was written in and sensed a great amount of joy coming from the author, Darrell W. Johnson, as he shared his thoughts on Experiencing the Trinity. This is a short book, only six chapters (five if you exclude the chapter that is a recitation of the Nicene Creed) and just over a one hundred pages. Experiencing the Trinity is not a difficult read although the doctrine and subject matter of the Trinity is not easily understood. Regardless of what we have written about Trinitarian theology, the reality of the Trinity is still shrouded in mystery. Still, Professor Johnson does an admirable job of bringing manageable words of instruction and enlightenment to this glorious and mysterious subject.

The conversation that Darrell Johnson invites the reader into is a progressive journey beginning first with the idea of Finding the Trinity. The journey deepens with chapter two as it continues with discussion into Understanding the Trinity and begins to mature with chapter three and Joining the Trinity. Chapter four finds the reader learning about Entering the Trinity and the conversation concludes with chapter five, Experiencing the Trinity, and  a wonderful discourse from the apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (Chapter 3:14-21).

Ultimately, I found this book whetting my appetite for more. In very recent years I have encountered some really wonderful teaching and shared ideas surrounding the mystery of the Trinity, the Triune God. I have never studied deeply into this particular field of theology and find myself more and more curious. Professor Johnson includes a nice starting point for further study with a list of recommended reading at the conclusion of the book. I am thankful for this, especially in light of his tickling my curiosity with this wonderful little primer. If you are interested in the study of the Trinity, I would recommend this book with the greatest confidence.

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