Welcoming the Stranger

A Poem by John L’Heureux:

The Trouble with Epiphanies

Christ came into my room and stood there

And I was bored to death.

I had work to do.

I wouldn’t have minded if he’d been crippled or something

-I do well with cripples-

but he just stood there, all face,

and with that damned guitar.

I didn’t ask him to sit down;

He’d have stayed all day.

Let’s be honest.  You can be crucified just so often –

Then you’ve had it.

I mean you’re useless; no good to God,

Let alone to anybody else.

So I said to him after a while,

Well, what’s up?  What do you want?

And he laughed, stupid,

Said he was just passing by

And thought he’d say hello.

Great, I said.  Hello

So he left.

And I was so mad

I couldn’t even listen to the radio. I went

And got some coffee.

The trouble with Christ is

He always comes at the wrong time.

All guests who present themsleves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me (RB 53.1, quoting Matthew 25:35).

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