Book Review: Incarnate Leadership

Book Review: Incarnate Leadership – 5 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Jesus

By Bill Robinson –Zondervan ISBN. 9780310291138

I have a lot of leadership books lining my library shelves. I’ve listened to a lot of leadership talks, sermons, and seminars. I don’t think Incarnate Leadership fits into those categories or next to those other books on my shelves. I think the book is entirely mis-titled. It certainly pertains to quality characteristics you would hope to find in leaders, but I think even more, it illustrates the most basic model of what Christ followers everywhere and in every facet of life or culture should strive for.

The book is an easy read with each of the five leadership lessons providing great opportunity for self-examination with a section at the completion of every chapter featuring questions for reflection and discussion.

My personal favorite parts of the book were from chapter three, Bending the Light, a study in humility, and chapter four, Living in Grace and Truth. These do not diminish the totality of the book, but I found these two chapters very special in their ministry to me in this particular season of my life.

In summary, it is as I said earlier; this is not a leadership book (although we can learn much about leading from it). This book is about Christian character, something all followers of Jesus can learn and grow from. The style of writing from Bill Robinson is very conversational and practical. I felt like I was listening to a close friend or a favorite uncle egging me on and encouraging me to be all I could be. I come away from the book challenged and inspired; I think if you are looking for down to earth inspiration in your journey to become more like Jesus, Incarnate Leadership might be of interest to you.

Bill Robinson is president of Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. He holds degrees from the University of Northern Iowa, Wheaton Graduate School and a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. He also studied at Moody Bible Institute and Princeton Theological Seminary. His books include “Leading People from the Middle.” He has distinguished himself as a teacher, speaker, and community leader.

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