Book Review: The Sacred Meal

The Sacred Meal, by Nora Gallagher (The Ancient Practices Series)

The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher is a delightful book; period. There was nothing that I disliked or even remotely found issue within its contents. This is a lofty claim when the-sacred-mealspeaking about something as sacramental as the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper. There are very diverse and polarizing positions regarding this holy practice, but Nora Gallagher has done an absolutely wonderful job of sharing insight about this communal, personal, sacred, public, and intimate practice. I loved reading the journey of her personal experiences and the gentle way she used them to explain the practice and purpose of this holy meal.

This book isn’t about instruction, nor is it about defining doctrinal perspective… it is about communion; coming together in order to remember and experience the breadth and body of our Savior Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Church universal. The Eucharist is much more than holy writ carried out by holy “roters.” The Lord’s Supper summons us (the church) to come to the table of our Lord forcing introspection and examination while in the presence of visible union with other believers doing likewise; unity and oneness that cannot be escaped. Nora Gallagher paints this picture using multiple scenes that give the reader permission to explore their own beliefs, but almost inescapably arriving at similar destination-conclusions regarding this practice…unity and oneness with Christ and with His Body, the Church.

As I have written, I loved the stories and experiences shared by Nora Gallagher in this book. Without giving too much away, I especially enjoyed her parallel comparing the Lord’s Supper with a soup kitchen; A Sacred Meal indeed. I think, if you are looking for instruction and information regarding the Eucharistic practice, this is a great book to supplement your journey. I don’t think it should stand alone, but it is an excellent companion to any other work you might have at your disposal. Highly recommended – more reviews here.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson through their blogging for books program.

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