Book Review: The Orthodox Heretic

It’s been a while getting here to me, but I finally rec’d my long awaited copy of Pete Rollins‘ latest book The Orthodox Heretic: And Other Impossible Tales. I’m not very far into it, because as Pete says; “the book is not to be read quickly, for acquiring information, but to be savored slowly for possible transformation.” I like Pete and I like reading orthodoxheretic_rollinswhat he has to say; I like the questions he posits for us to ponder and the pokes he makes into the comfortable morass of creampuff Christianity. My theology has been challenged time and time again as I read his works, follow his blog, and watch some of the gatherings (from afar) of Ikon, the faith gathering he is part of in Ireland. I think this is good for us; I know it is good for me. It is going to take me awhile to work through these Parables from Pete; I don’t want to rush through them, and I also have a pile of books that I must work through because of deadlines (and I don’t believe in speed reading them). I’m reading one or two of these parables from The Orthodox Heretic each night before bed in the evenings then letting them percolate through my head and heart through my sleep and throughout my day. I can tell you this; they are already starting to do some work on me. I’d be willing to bet the same would be true for you. This book is good stuff. If you get it, and you’re not familiar with Pete Rollins, be prepared to be challenged, shocked, angry, encouraged, repulsed, scared, tickled, and more…also be ready to rethink some of what you think and be ready to figure out why you think it if you are called into question.

Before I close this, here’s a teaser; if Christianity were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Without giving away this parable, let’s just say the body of evidence you think is mounted against you might not be evidence at all. Does that have you thinking??? Get the book…

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