Book Review: Clutter-Free Christianity

Clutter-Free Christianity: What God Really Desires for You by Robert Jeffress

I don’t know where to start with my review of this book; however, I will say that I think it will be one of the most impactful books that I will read this year. Quite the statement and needing some qualification I am sure. What makes it so impacting? You might wonder; “Is it profound and revelatoryclutterfreechristianity?” No, there is nothing profound…at least to my thinking, but there is page after page of affirming teaching. Most exciting is the succinct and down-to-earth delivery of Dr. Jeffress. One can sense the wisdom and years of pastoral experience coming through the delivery of this message. And what a message it is! Clutter-Free Christianity does not do justice to what resides beneath the title and between the covers. This book is about life…real life, ABUNDANT LIFE; the kind of life that our Savior Jesus Christ came to this earth to give us. This book is about redemption, reconciliation, and restoration. This book is about the invitation, acceptance, and participation of new life transformed into the image of the First-Born of many brothers. It is about imago-dei and the call to “be thou transformed.”

The subject and the context of the book are enough for me to do cartwheels of excitement over, but there are other technical merits that I’d like to give mention too. For starters, the book is an easy read. This doesn’t mean that it is elementary is sharing deep spiritual truths. It means that deep spiritual truths are shared in such a way that every person, regardless of education or Biblical training, will glean benefit…perhaps that is part of the “clutter-free” meaning behind the title. The book is not weighted down with heavy terms, definitions, and doctrinal treatise. This makes it an easy read. Second, Dr. Jeffress uses down-to-earth examples and illustrations that help the reader connect to the simple but deep truths that are being expounded upon chapter after chapter. Finally, I loved the inductive style of writing and the logical flow of the premise and thesis that carried the book from beginning to conclusion. I am sure that it will be helpful to me in my own efforts of teaching, writing, counseling, and preaching.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I will be ordering several more copies to put in rotation in my lending library. It will have a place of prominence on my list of “must read” books. Thank you, Dr. Jeffress, for a great read and a compilation of wonderful teaching and thank you WaterBrook Press for introducing me to this book.

I have included the review of my best friend and wife, Laurie Borden, below:

Review of “Clutter-Free Christianity” by Robert Jeffress

Review by Laurie Borden

Except for the title, I loved this book!  I would like to see something in the title about transformation or life change or freedom because that is the wonderful truth that this book presents.  The premise of the book is that God intends for us to be conformed to the image of His Son, which I believe, but the illustrations and practical suggestions were the part I loved because they are easy to understand, to apply, to remember, and to share with others.  I see many Christians who would like to experience the life change that God offers, but they don’t know if it is possible or how to make it happen. Even though I know that it is possible, I have found that it is not an easy concept to explain to others.  In this book, the author has given me words, illustrations, and tools to assist me in my attempts to share this vital truth with others.  Mr. Jeffress begins the book by stating that it is indeed possible, but only if we have a transformed heart.  He then spends the remainder of the book sharing practical insight into areas of our heart that keep us bound in failure and discouragement as well as helpful suggestions for surrendering and allowing God to change those areas.

As I was reading this book, I recalled a book by Chip Ingram, “Holy Transformation”, which contains much of the same information.  I would highly recommend both books.  I hope to utilize “Clutter-Free Christianity” in a Sunday School class this year, as the book contains questions for self-evaluation as well as suggested group discussion questions.  I have already shared a selection during a worship service as a challenge to our congregation.  Since then, I have quoted the book in several conversations, and I used one of the suggested exercises in a small group setting.

If you struggle with worry, discontentment, bitterness, destructive habits, stress, or fear that you are not pleasing God, I encourage you to get a copy of this book.  It contains truths from God’s Word presented in a way that can transform your life today.

Book Summary

When did the Christian life become so complicated? Your greatest desire is to please God, but with each passing week, your spiritual to-do list grows longer. As you strive to fulfill a never-ending inventory of requirements for being a godly parent, spouse, voter, employee, and more, you feel increasingly disconnected from the God you’re trying to serve. It’s time to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of what it means to please God. In this liberating look at the core principles of faith, Dr. Robert Jeffress reveals the truth about what God really wants from you-and what He wants to do for you. Through solid bibjeffress_robertlical teaching and practical insights, Dr. Jeffress points you toward a revitalized faith centered on becoming more like Jesus in action, attitude, and affection. You’ll learn how to partner with God in the process of spiritual transformation as you choose to follow Christ in forgiveness, obedience, trust, contentment, service, and prayer. Through a renewed focus on experiencing the kingdom of God right now, you’ll find your to-do list shrinking and your spiritual life deepening. It all comes with embracing Clutter-Free Christianity. Includes a Bible study guide for personal growth and group discussion.

Author Bio

Dr. Robert Jeffress is the senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, one of the most historic churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. The author of sixteen books, he is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition, live broadcasts of Dr. Jeffress‘ weekly messages reach millions of listeners and viewers each week, while his daily sermon series airs on 1,100 television stations and cable systems nationwide. Dr. Jeffress and his wife, Amy, are the parents of two adult daughters.

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