Book Review: Busted

I have been reading the book, Busted: Exposing Popular Myths about Christianity, by Fred Von Kamecke for the past week or so. While the book lives up to its title by bustedaddressing (exposing) many of the more popular questions and arguments surrounding criticism of the Christian faith, I’m not sure that all the “myths” are definitively “busted.” Don’t get me wrong, I think the information and the evidence that is shared throughout the book is solid and I think it is logically and well presented; however, I simply fail to find definitive inarguable evidence for debunking some of the arguments and criticism against our faith. I think it is intended by GOD to be that way, but that is my opinion.  To the author’s credit, he does state that the book is not intended to be a proof for a theological publication, but rather a collection of evidence for the other side of the story in response to the more popular “myths” and criticisms against Christianity.

Another consideration worth mentioning is the target audience of the book. The author states that his audience is the “average Christian (or interested seeker) who has not had the opportunity for formal study in a Bible college or seminary, but senses the need for some solid information.” I think the conversational writing style and the lack of cumbersome theological vocabulary make this book very user friendly and I find myself thinking that Von Kamecke succeeds in writing for his intended audience.

Now, on to content…

The book is divided into four main parts; “Myths about the Bible,” “Myths about Jesus,” “Myths about God,” and “Myths about the Christian faith.” Personally, I think this is a fairly thorough and well represented collection of questions and topics. Not all of them hold my interest, but I’m sure that might be said of my efforts if I were choosing chapter titles and themes too.

Someone said it in another review (there are links to other Busted reviews at the end of this post) that Fred Von Kamecke “writes with a winsome attitude”, so I won’t say it again…but that is a very accurate observation. The lightness of heart and occasional interjections of humor make the book easy to read and holds the reader’s interest when some of the material presented might not be that interesting; at least this was my experience.

As I mentioned, there are several reviews floating around the blogosphere at the moment and several of them go into more substantive detail of the chapters, themes, and specific myths. Please click on the accompanying links for that information, or better yet, get yourself a copy of the book (smile). One additional item I do want to mention that I personally find great value in is the supporting notes and “going deeper” reading lists at the end of every “exposed myth.” I think these are invaluable for the person who really wants to dig and consider this information to be the “gold” of the book.

In conclusion, I think the book hits its mark. I think with the qualifications and disclaimer set forth by the author, he delivers what he advertises. Busted is a worthwhile read. I think it will make a great addition to my lending library and it would serve well as a coffee table book for conversation seeding…and ultimately, that’s what it is about, conversations. Where we can talk, interact, and relate to one another about our faith, there God is…revealing Himself and making Himself known in very real and tangible ways.

Special note: on Thursday, July 16, the author of Mad Church Disease Ann Jackson, will be giving away copies of Busted on her blog For other reviews of Busted, please check out the following links:


About Fred Von Kamecke – Fred Von Kamecke is assistant pastor at The Chapel in Graslake, Illinois and an adjunct professor at Bethel College. He has also served as an adjunct at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) where he also received his PhD in New Testament theology and exegesis. He teaches in the area of New Testament studies.

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