Book Review: 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

By Larry Osborne

I really liked (like) this book. While at first glance the title might sound like the opening salvo for a soap-box rant, it’s not. While the cover teaser, “Are urban 10dumbthingslegends and Sunday-school myths ruining your faith?” sounds like a lead-in to a biased tirade…it’s not. While the question posited on the back cover, “Just because ‘everyone believes it’ doesn’t make it true…” sounds like the preface to opinionated rhetoric, it is not. So, what is it, this book? I think that it may very well be an emancipation proclamation for many “christians” who have bought into “popular-vote” theology.

I don’t want to parrot the book or giveaway too much of what’s in it. If you’d like to see a little more about what is written inside, you can check out Pastor Larry’s blogs where he shares some details about 10 Dumb Things. As for my thoughts, I found affirmation and agreement with most of what I read. I’m sure that people struggle or wrestle with issues differently and some of the 10 Things might not be as much of an issue for some people as they are for others. With that said, I found value and insight from every chapter although there were several that moved me (spoke to me) more than others.

Chapter Four, God Has a Blueprint for my Life, I had to read slowly and carefully. Personally, I have some differences of opinion regarding this particular position. I don’t want to give away the meat of the chapter, so suffice it to say that I don’t disagree completely. I do think some of the illustrations used might be better qualified for clarity’s sake. I believe the bottom line (and this is confirmed by my margin notes, stars, and “good point exclamations” on pages 62-69) from this chapter I am in full agreement with. I enjoyed having my own position stretched and clarified.

I found a great deal of wisdom and insight in chapter five, Christians Shouldn’t Judge; likewise for chapter six, Everything Happens for a Reason. With specific regard to chapter six, several months ago I read Spectacular Sins by John Piper. I find myself more in agreement with the explanations offered from the perspective and teaching of Larry Osborne than the comfort level I found while reading Spectacular Sins.

I loved, loved, loved chapter eight. I loved it. God Brings Good Luck exposes one or more of the major faults in post-modern, consumeristic, north-American Christianity. Great chapter…very convicting and humbling.

As I said, I enjoyed all the chapters and could share something about each and every one. I don’t want to play-by-play the book, but will add this final note. Chapter ten is a difficult read. I think it is chock-full of truth…sobering truth, but it is a hard read. I also think that it helps to tie the entire work together in a reflective call to arms. I plan to put a couple of copies of 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe in my own church library. I hope other pastors and churches do the same. This is a good book and a great conversation starter; hopefully it will help to destroy some of the “spiritual urban myths” that have stunted the growth of God’s Kingdom. Thanks Larry for a deep, but easy to read and very helpful word for the church.

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