Vintage Jesus

I just finished the book Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll; good stuff…no, great stuff actually, and I was challenged by many points that he brought out in this work. (Oh, I should mention that he shares authorship of this book with vintagejesuscoverGerry Breshears) Essentially, the book is a primer of sorts in systematic theology; specifically Christology, the study of Jesus. This is the first in a series of books that are intended to explore the great doctrines of the Bible. If this book, Vintage Jesus, is any indication of what the series will be look like on whole…we are in for a treat. I think the tone and timbre of this work is suitable for laypersons as well as clergy, high school students or seminarians, and/or the curious seeker, new Christian, or “crusty-curmudgeon pew veteran.” Anyone reading this book will stand to gain insight and inspiration; I am sure. The next book in the series, Vintage Church, is already in process and is scheduled for release sometime in January of 2009 (looking forward to this one!).

As I said, I just finished the book (literally just a few minutes ago) and wanted to share a passage/quote from it. There are tons of great stuff in these pages and I’ll probably be sharing more as I blog other posts and thoughts that have been stirred by what I’ve read, but in the meantime I’ll throw out this teaser that gave me a hearty YES and AMEN!” this morning. Driscoll, writing about the return of Jesus, gives us this morsel near the end of the book:

“…we should live our lives as though Christ was coming this afternoon. Paul wrestled with this same question; he was torn between his desire to exchange this sinful, cursed, fallen world for heaven, and the work that God had given him to do on the earth. Paul’s solution was to live as a citizen of heaven while on the earth, bringing some of the joy and healing of the kingdom to the earth. In this way, Paul was not just awaiting his eternal life but rather celebrating that eternal life as both a quality and a duration of life that begins the moment Jesus saves us here on earth and continues forever in his kingdom. By living with our heart and mind heavenward and our hands and feet thrust deep into the earth, we can walk with God so closely that, like Enoch, our transition from this world to the next is as simple as taking another step on a journey.”

Amen, and amen.

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