The Wild Goose Chase [Another Review]

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A couple months (or more) ago I posted my review on Mark Batterson’s The Wild Goose Chase. Since that time I have passed copies on to my church leadership team, youth leaders, and most recently my youngest son, Joshua. Upon completion of the book, Josh talked to me at length about some of the things he really connected with. I asked him to write a review from his perspective and what follows is his report. Guest blogging for a second appearance on the icrucified blog, I welcome…my son, Joshua.


Let me just start off by saying that I think that The Wild Goose Chase was a great book and really connected with me. I really liked how Mark Batterson brought up the 6 cages that keep us from going and pursuing the Holy Ghost, and in essence Christ himself. These really made sense with me and I could apply most of them to my life, even though I haven’t experienced things like the cage of responsibility or failure in all its fullness.

The Wild Goose Chase has definitely been one of the better Christian books I’ve read.  It is easily applied in my life, for the most part, and was very readable for me.  I believe any one who reads this book will learn something from it and I think that it might further their search for, or relationship with, God.  I have found that in my own short 13 years that I’ve experienced or seen these things happen to me or to people around me and that what Mark wrote has been true in my life and  helped me to understand and further my thinking of that subject.joshua

I liked how he found scripture to support his teachings and clarify it for those who wouldn’t readily believe or want to believe what he wrote down.  Even though some of the things he wrote down might be difficult for some people to come to terms with, I believe what he wrote down is true. I’ve heard and seen some of the teachings in this book from my own life as a pastor’s son.

One of my favorite parts of the book was probably from the very end about the Madonna of the future.  I know that I, for example, love to procrastinate and put many things off.  This speaks to how we might not always have the time to put things off and to live as if today was the first and last day of your life.  I believe this, even if I do struggle with it, and think that things like coming to the faith or taking that one step of faith should never be put off until the last moment, because you might not have that last moment to do it.

I suppose, if I were to spell out my three major takeaways from the Wild Goose Chase, they would be as follows:

  1. Procrastination-Don’t do it. Try to tackle things right away, so you have the time to do your best with the opportunities you’ve been given. My dad tells me all the time “Colossians 3:17, 23” and this kinda sums it up for me.
  2. Failure-To take things in stride and to look for the silver lining in “shipwrecks.” God might have a opportunity in store for you that might further his kingdom, as it did for Paul when he got shipwrecked on Malta. God will always have a learning or teaching experience in store for you in whatever happens, whether good or bad…
  3. Routine-Even though we need spiritual disciplines in our life, don’t get stuck going through the motions. It’s not about just going through the motions to ease your conscience, it’s about learning and having a relationship with the One who created you. Doing this should be a want and need in your life, not a chore.
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