Going Deep

I’m getting messed up…in a good way; I think.

soulrevolutioncoverSo, I got this book a week or so ago for a review project. The book, Soul Revolution, by John Burke is about becoming fully awake to the practice and presence of God. Burke facilitates this journey of discovery through an experiment called the 60-60 challenge (more about the challenge here). In a nutshell, it involves/entails becoming intentional in our (your/my) focus and awareness of God’s presence in every aspect of daily life. I intend to provide a full review of the book at a later date; however, my purpose in posting today is to share what the book has prompted in me thus far.

I’ve been a strong proponent of the spiritual disciplines for a while now. Included in those disciplines is having my faith challenged by classic Christian writings. A particular, and popular, work that has challenged me in my walk has been Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. Another piece that has been instrumental in shaping me…challenging me is Devotional Classics, a compilation by Richard Foster. While studying through the devotional classics book, I was introduced to Frank Laubach and was really stirred in my soul to push through to a new depth in my relationship with Jesus Christ. Sadly, I did not follow through with this challenge…at least not in an earnest way.

Fast forward…

I do not think it coincidence that Soul Revolution has landed in my lap. My heart was being stirred from the opening pages, but when John Burke began talking about Practicing the Presence of God and Frank Laubach’s journal entries, my heart’s attention was gripped in such a way that I have not been able to shake it. I went back to my personal journal notes and found my thoughts from the Devotional Classics reading about Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic (here is a copy of my notes along with the original devotional reading) and was challenged (as well as convicted) by what I had written.

I think I am going to begin immediately with the 60-60 challenge, at least a varient of it with plans to implement it in the full beginning Jan. 1, 2009. I want to enlist a few accountability partners to engage in the experiment with me. I look forward to what God has in store for me during this challenge and what He has planned for us when we arrive on the other side.

I promise to write more about the book (a full review) and more about my own experience with the “experiement” later…I promise.

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