Book Review: For Young Men Only (pt.2)

JoshThis is a follow-up review for the book For Young Men Only; you can read the original review here. I had mentioned at the time of that initial review that I planned to have my son, Joshua, review the book in order to get a perspective from the mind of the target audience. Josh is fourteen years old and is a prolific reader. I think that he is an accurate representation of the 14-16 yr. old crowd, so without further ado, I introduce my son and guest blogger Joshua B.

To begin, this book would be a great help to the average teen who’s struggling to keep up with all the girls in his life.  This book offers concrete facts from over 1000 teenage girls to support their points.  These points range from things such as, girls are looking for inside qualities not supermodel looks, to things like as to why girls seem to always go for the bad boy, or even girls thoughts on sex.FYMO bookcover

                There are always reasons behind everything a girl does, as FYMO says, and all we guys need to do is actually read into it.  I believe that this book would greatly help any struggling teen to more fully appreciate and understand most girls in his life.  I learned a thing or two from this book myself after I read it, and I think that most guys have something to learn from the book.  I really appreciated seeing the numbers and nation wide poll of over a 1000 young women.  This really made some of the more stunning things sink in and be realized.

                I think one of the bigger things that made sense after a little bit and was a little stunning was that some of the more important qualities to girls were things like, sense of humor, thoughtfulness, confidence, and protectiveness (but not clingy), while things like money, looks, and athleticism were almost last on the list.  I guess I really already knew this, but by just observing our country and environment, you’d think it just mattered who was most handsome or athletic.  I’ve started to watch a little closer, and I’ve seen some hookups that don’t really make sense from the outside, but I bet those same people have a phenomenal character.  This just went to show that this book makes good sense; it can be, and is, adaptable to our life.

                FYMO will help any young man be able to navigate the muddy waters of teenage hormones.  The part about what girls think regarding sex was interesting, and made a lot of sense to me personally.  It basically said, in a nutshell, that most girls don’t want sex just for the pleasure of it, but if they get aroused they will go for it anyway because of their hormones or to please their boyfriends.  Most girls will trust and respect you more if you don’t go over the invisible line though, and your relationship will go to another level if you can hold back and resist the temptation.

                Overall I would say that this book can help any young man, as long as they put in the effort to read it.  Also, this could easily save many people from pain and heartache by reading through it.  I would recommend this book for any teenage guy that is seeking help or floundering when it comes to girls.

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