Here’s to sharing a snippet of my thoughts this morning.

As my journal image (yes, the image is from a couple years ago) indicates, the word “metanoia” (repentance) means a “change of mind.”

Through my personal reflections, I’ve come to view repentance more as a life choice. Embracing and attempting to live this “repentant life” from this broader perspective has given me a more comprehensive and life-enhancing experience to what being repentant means on a daily and practical level.

Here’s a small example of how this view impacts me and I should say, I believe the same is true for everyone.

I try to live understanding that repentance is related more to the posture of a learner. It means being open to “changing one’s mind.” This act of repentance has been far more life-changing in its impact on me personally than my former view of repentance being an act of guilt, shame, regret, contrition, and/or behavior modification.

It is entirely possible, to my thinking, that repentance at its core, is really about the divinely decreed ability for us to change (personally, relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) When we repent, we change our way of being, doing, believing. Repentance is simply about choosing differently when it matters, when it is necessary to turn-around and face a new direction and there’s no guilt, shame, or condemnation in that, there’s only hope.

Ultimately, to those ends, I try to practice a repentant heart posture daily. I am willing to change and I am willing to turn around. Life is a journey. Life is a process. Life is meant to be engaged, enjoyed, experienced… lived, and lived abundantly

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